Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Eve--Henna Style!

So, being that I'm all knocked up, we couldn't do the normal New Years Eve thing--party, drinks, champagne, etc. (Like we do that anyway!) Instead, this year, we had a snackie and henna party. We made a bunch of snacks--I made French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms which were TO DIE FOR!--drank tea and cocktails for those who were drinking and everyone got a bit of henna done (even Brian!)

My henna was clearly on the tummy. In many cultures, pregnant women get a henna design on their tummies in the last month as a sign of good luck. It was fun. It tickled a bit. And I may have made Bonnie feed me cake while it was getting done ;)

Bonnie is either feeding me cake or poking me with the fork...

Jessica Henna-ing me up!

Mmmm...chocolate mousse cake!

All done--now to have it taped up. It'll be ready in the morning!

Enjoying a post-henna chocolate milk with the artist!
And here is what it looks like two days later. You have to peel off the tape, scrape off the henna paste and the resulting design is "stained" into your skin. It's not too dark, but henna doesn't stick as well to some parts of the body as others.

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