Wednesday, October 30, 2013

21 Months

Weight: 26.6 pounds

Length: 34.5 inches 

Favorite activity: coloring, her alphabet puzzle, reading books, bouncing the ball, pushing Tiger around in her potty

Favorite food: tangerines, cheese, anything she can dip

Favorite spot: on the couch, with Tiger

Cutest moment: Playing hide and seek (around mommy) with cousin Logan.

Important milestones: Nothing major

Teeth: 15

Words: 30 - dada, mama, woof, yes, dis (this), kack (quack), hi, thank you, uh oh, bye, wa (water), pees (please), goat, puppy, ah duh (all done), no, shoe, socks, bawll (ball, but sounds like a southern belle when she says it!), Poppy, BeeBee, Tigee, truck, airplane, cat, cheese, spoo(n), eye, nose, Gamma, book, apple, pear, dip

Signs: 12 (more, all done, dog, please, berry, cheese, grape, water, milk, help, thank you, cat)

How Mom's Feeling: Happy the month is just about over! It's been an absolutely crazy busy month of parties and playdates and teething. So much teething.

A few new things we've started this month: 
-Farmers' Market Thursdays. The Daly City Farmers' Market is pretty amazing and at a time I can actually go. Which means, I don't have to go grocery shopping Saturday morning. Yay! I can get almost everything we need at the market and it's fun to boot. So win!
-Family Day. We've started taking one day a month and doing something just the three of us as a family. Something on the schedule, so we can plan around it. This month it was Ardenwood Farm and Pumpkin Patch. We visited the pumpkin patch, took some pictures, then explored the farm. Next month, we will be going to Lemos Farm.

As for Lorelei this month, in some respects, I feel she has gotten needier and clingier, but also so grown up. It could be the cooler weather, but in her little jeans, sweaters, Converse sneakers, and pigtails, she looks so much more like a little girl!