Thursday, May 31, 2012

18 Weeks

Weight: 13.48 pounds
Length: 24 inches
Favorite activity: Wiggling around naked in her bouncy chair!
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: Floating in the bathtub, head in the water
Naughtiest moment: Sleeping through most of Auntie Mel's baby shower 
Important milestones: First time meeting Great Aunt Susan!
How Mom's Feeling: Feeling pretty good. It was a super busy week for us! I worked really hard to get everything ready for Mel's baby shower on Sunday. I didn't have a lot to do, but it FELT like a lot! I had to finish making her knit giraffe, make some strawberry-chicken salad sandwiches and cut out some more shapes for decorating onesies. It all got done! Then, first thing Sunday morning, Lorelei and I drove up to Sacramento for the party. She was such a good girl and had two big poops before leaving, then slept the whole way there and back! She got to meet and cuddle with her Great Aunt Susan (they were fast friends), then slept through most of the shower! After waking up, Lorelei flirted with her future boyfriend, Grady (such a chunky monkey!)

It was Memorial Day weekend, so I got to spend an extra day at home with Lorelei. We hung out at home and went to our favorite park! Then Mama started feeling sick, so we went home, and I went to bed early, only to wake at 1 am with a 102 degree fever! Fortunately, the fever was gone by the time I woke up and I was able to take Lorelei to the doctor for her 4 month checkup.

The checkup went really well. The pediatrician said Lorelei was looking great. Lorelei took her shots like a champ. She cried really hard, but was just fine after a walk around Kaiser and to the cupcake shop. She slept at home the rest of the day!

One thing I've had to face this week is Mommy Jealousy. When May came to watch Lorelei on Thursday, Lorelei was DELIGHTED! She was laughing and giggling and as happy as I'd ever seen her. And me, well, I was jealous! I should be happy that she loves May so much. Instead, all I could think of was "Lorelei never laughs like that with me!" Brian assured me that she does. It's just one of those hard things I'm learning to deal with!

As always, some pictures of our week:

Hanging Around the House

New buddy "Squeaks"

At the Baby Shower

Checking out her buddy Grady

Yes, Lorelei, he IS a catch!

At the park on Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

17 Weeks!

Favorite activity: Nomming on her fingers!
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: Sitting outside in her bouncie chair
Naughtiest moment: Nearly spitting up on someone we just met!
Important milestones: Started really, truly sleeping through the night (10 hours, baby!)
How Mom's Feeling: Pretty good, considering Lorelei has started sleeping through the night! I've been getting some pretty good sleep these days! 

This week has been great. My mom has been visiting, so she's been getting a lot of baby time in, taking lots and lots and LOTS of photos!

This week, Lorelei also had a playdate with another baby--Lena--who is just a few days older than she is. It was so cute to watch them interact...sort of. I think Lena was just fascinated by all of Lorelei's hair!

I've come to a decision this week. After next week's 4 month pediatrician appointment, I'm biting the bullet and transitioning Lorelei to the crib. I'm a bit nervous about it since A) she'll be so far away from me, and B) we've finally gotten her to sleep through the night. I do, however, think it's time. She IS sleeping through the night, so I won't be schlepping to the nursery a million times a night (which was my initial concern). I'd also like to get my bedroom back. Getting undressed and doing everything in the dark (while trying to be absolutely silent) is fairly annoying. I can't get into my dresser drawers particularly easily. I'd really like to be able to read at night before bed.

As always, some pictures and a video from this past week. Fair warning, with my mom here, there are A LOT of pictures!

*oh, and a shout out to my sister-in-law Stephanie: congrats on graduating and your new job! Lorelei's onesie this week is in honor of her Aunty Toffy, official New York City Nurse Practitioner!

Taco Tuesday!

Visiting at Great Aunt Patty's house with Grammama, Great Aunt Patty and Great Aunt Ellie!

Hanging out at the casa:

Solar Eclipse:

Crazy shadows from the solar eclipse

Play Date at the Park:

The Daily Lorelei:

At the Library!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

16 Weeks

Favorite activity: Being held up high or upside down!
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: Sitting on mom's lap during library story time or just floating in the bathtub.
Naughtiest moment: EPIC poo two days in a row!
Important milestones: Nothing big, just continued working on strengthening her neck, shoulder and leg muscles. Oh, and first time on a real playground swing!
How Mom's Feeling: Great. I can't believe it's already been 4 months since she was born! How time does fly! We had a great weekend--hanging out with Lisa on Saturday (getting ready for Mel's baby shower--which is going to be awesome) and celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday.

My first Mother's Day was wonderful. I did some stuff around the house in the morning, then Brian, Lorelei and I took BART into San Francisco to have lunch at the Ferry Building. I got to eat all of my favorite foods: oysters on the half shell, sourdough bread, fresh made salami, almonds, and lime merengue tart. We took it all outside and sat on a bench overlooking the bay. It was gorgeous. And of course, everyone had to admire Lorelei!

This last week, I've started taking pictures of Lorelei on my phone every morning before going to work. Then I can look and admire her pictures at work while I pump!

On a bittersweet note, I packed up all of Lorelei's 0-3 month clothes. I can't believe how much she's growing! But now we have a whole bunch of new outfits to dress her in! She definitely does not need any more clothes!

As always, some pictures of our week.

Some of our daily photos:

Mother's Day in San Francisco!

At the Park:

Hanging around the house:

And some video for you