Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dear Newbie-18 weeks

Dear Newbie (what I'm calling you this week),

You are 18 weeks along this week. I'm finally FINALLY feeling better. I had a few weeks there where it was seriously touch and go. I'm back to eating meat, mostly. Thanks for giving me a break! Now can you explain the cheese thing? I mean, I love cheese, but I seriously cannot get enough of it right now. Particularly fresh mozzarella. And eggs. I could eat mozzarella, hard boiled eggs and toast with butter for every meal and be a happy camper.

Things are definitely getting real. I actually look pregnant (in a big way. It was like I "popped" overnight)! And I just got our first package in the mail for you--7 brand new cloth diapers, to replace some of the old, ratty ones your sister wore through. So if you are a girl, and 99% of your stuff is hand me downs from Lorelei, you will at least have 7 brand new diapers bought just for you!

I've been thinking about your nursery a lot. Of course, right now it is covered in boxes and presents and Christmas decorations. Then it will be full of birthday stuff for your sister. But then...then it will be your turn and I will finally have the time to actually get stuff going for you! I've been thinking of a woodland theme, but subtle. Lots of natural wood objects, images of deer, rabbits and foxes. Robin's egg blue, gray and a kind of yellow-green (not quite chartreuse). I've got a few ideas up my sleeve...

We'll be seeing you (in about 155 days!)



Favorite Activity: Going to preschool, watching her favorite shows and movies (Daniel Tiger and Pocahontas/Mulan), painting

Favorite Food: applesauce, "shiny bunnnies" aka Annie's gummy bunnies, "square cheese" aka Tillamook colby jack slices.

Favorite word or phrase to say: "Lorelei good helper!"

Cutest Moment: Getting so excited to see "Super Grandma" for Thanksgiving, stealing whipped cream off of her (much older) cousins' dessert plates at Thanksgiving, following her cousin Natalie around like a puppy.

Naughtiest Moment: Epic meltdowns

How Mom's Feeling: Wait. It's December? And I haven't done this yet? This is how my month has been! Crazy! I honestly don't even remember November. Some things happened. Thanksgiving. We survived our first road trip with a toddler. It actually went very smoothly. We made a few stops, came up with some baby names--Zebulon Archimedes and Zelda...something or other :)
The best, and most surreal moment, was sitting on the beach in Ventura on Thanksgiving morning in our bathing suits, building sandcastles. Such a classic southern California Thanksgiving! And now we're almost halfway into December and we've jumped into Christmas (and Hanukkah at work and preschool). Oy veh!