Thursday, June 18, 2015

Letters to My Girls-1 Month

Dear Orth Ladies,

You have been sisters for over a month now. It seems incredible, but it's true! It's been amazing watching your relationship--granted, Amelia isn't contributing much yet, but we've been loving watching you learn and grow, Lorelei! As for your dad and I, we are learning and growing, too. We've really started seeing what's important. Not in some sort of metaphysical "important," more like "what is necessary to get through the day". Mostly, it's a question of how much something is worth to us. Is it worth it to buckle both kids in the car, get where we are going, unbuckle them, put Amelia up in her wrap, and wrangle Lorelei (and at least one My Little Pony) to get something. Which is why mommy is still out of rock sugar for my tea and coffee, coarse ground pepper, and translucent makeup powder.

To Lorelei: Big Sister-hood has not been the easiest transition for you (which has made it more challenging for your mom and dad!) You love your new sister, it's obvious, and you want to hold her and kiss her and play with her. Unfortunately, you also have had to deal with not being the center of attention any more. You show this with being more aggressive with the dogs--either chasing them, or hitting, kicking and throwing things at them--and being more defiant with mom and dad. There has been A LOT of time out time. You especially want more Mama Time. I've been working hard on having Lorelei and Mommy time--doing activities together, like baking treats, doing projects and just cuddling.

To Amelia: We are still getting to know just who you are, but let me tell you, it was love at first sight! At first, we thought you look just like your sister, but you've been working to show us how different you are! Physically, you are looking more like your mama with a rounder face, delicate features and more chunk to your body. Personality-wise, you hate to be left alone. While Lorelei was happy to sit in her swing for hours, you will only tolerate it for about thirty minutes, before you want to be held again. While it's difficult to get things done, there is something so amazing about cuddling with a warm, soft baby!

We love you to pieces, our two best girls!
Mom and Dad