Thursday, April 25, 2013

By Popular Demand: The New House!

Ok, ok. I get it. People want to see pics of the new house. I was just waiting for the worst of the  boxes to be put away. But now we have a variety of very livable spaces: the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, bathroom and nursery are the most put together. I suppose Brian's office is too. The guest room is an inflatable mattress in a sea of boxes. The media room. Well, it has a tv in it! But nothing to sit on! We've been watching Game of Thrones on a bunch of blankets! The playroom is rudimentary, at best, and really won't be utilized much until we get a decent rug in there and some seating for grown ups!

On our to-do list

  • tie backs for Lorelei's curtains
  • some sort of buffet/hutch for the China in the living room
  • cushions on top of the black shelf in the living room to make more seating
  • more cabinetry in the kitchen
  • paint the wheeled cart green
  • new rug in the play room
  • table and chairs in the play room
  • furniture for the media room
  • Meg's sewing/work station in the media room
  • Hang art/mirrors
  • A real bed in the guest room
  • Bookshelves in the guest room
And that's just to start with.

But a lot has already been done.
Lorelei's reading nook. Made those blackout curtains myself!

Robin's Egg blue ceiling, yellow chevron walls

Master bedroom

Upstairs bath. Featuring 5 different kinds of marble and faux marble! Yay?

Living room. Pictures on the mantle = not permanent

Lorelei's living room play area

Entry way. LOVE the new curtains.

Dining area.


Downstairs playroom

The entire downstairs used to be the basement, so there are some interesting architectural details. That door leads to Brian's office. You don't want to see it.

Downstairs bathroom AKA my least favorite room in the house. It's just kind of yucky.

So there's a lot to be done, for sure. But baby steps, you know. Baby steps.

15 Months

Weight: 22 pounds

Length: 29.5 inches

Favorite activity: Playing with the light switch, throwing the ball for the dogs down the hallway, playing with her sunglasses, drawing at her play table.

Favorite food: applesauce, grated cheese, risotto

Favorite spot: She loves the foot stool in her room, now that she can climb on it and look out the window.

Cutest moment: Open mouth kisses. I die. 

Important milestones: First steps! She was just starting to take her first steps around Easter, now she has been known to take 3-4 steps on a regular basis!

Teeth: 5

Words: 5 - dada, mama, woof, yes, dis (this), kack (quack)

Signs: 3 (more, all done, dog)

How Mom's Feeling: Good, but tired. I feel like I've been going nonstop this entire month. I've either been packing, unpacking, painting, sewing...It's a lot! But our house is quite livable now, so that makes me happy.

As I was looking at the pictures of the past few weeks, it really struck me how much Lorelei has grown! She really isn't a baby anymore. Well, she is. But she's really starting to become her own little person too. She's stubborn and independent and really hates to be impeded in ANY way, be it closing a door, trying to crawl onto the couch, or holding her down to change her diaper. She just flips out and starts wailing! She also just LOVES her books and will sit on the footstool in her room looking through them. 

Oh, and speaking of STUBBORN, you may notice that our monthly photo looks a bit different. Lorelei WOULD NOT sit on a backdrop. She kept trying to pull it down, and would just cry whenever I put her on it. So, I just put the cloth on the floor and took advantage of the nice, freshly painted walls in our new house!

Another sign Lorelei is growing up: weaning. Over the last few weeks, we've been nursing less and less. This week, she has only nursed once, and mostly because she was upset and needed comfort. In some ways, it is a relief. Bedtime goes by much more quickly. On the other hand, it was a guaranteed cuddle session, which I loved. But each nursing session started getting shorter and shorter, and she just would get so distracted and seemed so uninterested. So...I'm feeling rather sad about it.

Pics of Our Week

Holy schneikies! I can't believe how long it has been since I've posted! In all honesty, we've been so crazy the last few weeks moving and getting settled into the new house. But now, almost two weeks later, our major living areas are mostly box free. Well, except for Brian's office. But there will probably still be unpacked boxes in there a year from now!

The move was tough on Lorelei, for sure. All her stuff was in boxes and she had no place to crawl. AND we were in a new, strange place. Once I got most of the boxes put away, and brought out her toys, she seemed to be much happier. But I had a very clingy, whiny girl for a while!

On top of this, she was teething! One of her upper teeth broke through this week.

Oh yes. And a few days after moving in, we celebrated Brian's 30th birthday. Which he was sick for. But not too sick for lumpia!

So it's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks! But here are some pictures of our week!
The face I've been seeing just about every day!

Celebrating Brian's 30th at Berkeley's Greek Theater--The Lumineers!

Finally a birthday party we can go to! Happy Birthday Keira!

Hanging with our friends Emily and Ronen

So grown up!

Reading books on her tuffet!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pics of Our Week!

This was the most amazing week. It was spring break, and I always cherish this time I get Lorelei all to myself for long stretches. The week started off with a bang with Easter weekend. We went to Gilroy Gardens on Saturday. I haven't been since it was called Bonfante Gardens and I was about 12. It's a lot more fun now, especially when you have a little one! Lorelei's favorite activity was the train.

On Sunday, we went to church for Easter service (which Lorelei pretty much talked through the entire thing!). Then home for brunch, relaxing and an Easter egg hunt!

The rest of the week was a whirlwind of packing (we move in two weeks!), playdates and errands. We hit up Happy Hollow (of course!), visited with our friends Jessica, Danica and Cadence, and had a nice lunch and walk with some of our moms' group friends (Jenna and Ronen and Christine and Emily).

Of particularly exciting news, Lorelei took her first steps! It was Easter weekend, and it was only two or three steps, but she did it all on her own! Since then, she's done it a few more times, although there's a lot of falling involved!

Much as I love these weeks off, in the end, it's sad for me too. I want to be home with her all the time! It sometimes feels like I try to pack in so much "fun" in these weeks, that it's hard to relax. But having these breaks does make being with her feel so special. I never take a day for granted!

Gilroy Gardens!

All ready to go!

The Artichoke Cups!

Loving the water features!

On the carousel with BeeBee!

Our preferred mode of transportation: assisted walking!

The train was pretty amazing!
Easter morning!

Ready for church, and already digging into her eggs!

Post church, playing with her new crayons!

Pretty delighted by her new sand toys!

Don't bug me mom, I'm drawing!

Family photo

Indoor Easter egg hunt

Found em all!
Happy Hollow
On the big carousel with Mama!

Goats! (and Miss Emily!)

The were the highlight of our day!

The rest of our week!
Riding our scooter. It's a thing we do now!

Babies who lunch! 
Helping shop for groceries. It's a big job.
Packing helper. Or not.
Mmm...peanut butter sandwiches!