Thursday, August 30, 2012

31 Weeks

Favorite activity: Patty Cake. For sure. Start singing it and clapping her hands or your hands and all you get are big grins!
Favorite food: Mango. But this week, she also tried New Orleans style pancakes. Loved them!
Favorite spot: Held by mama. It's been a rough teething week for her!
Naughtiest moment: Waking up 3 times sobbing. Not naughty, per se, but rough on everyone...
Important milestones: Figured out how to stick her finger up her nose...Not sure if that is a good thing or not ;)
How Mom's Feeling: Pretty good. It was a hard week, for sure. She was teething pretty bad this week. We're talking constant fussing, crying, wailing, those painful sharp cries that you know mean it hurts. That was rough. We had one night when she woke three times crying inconsolably and only nursing would put her back to sleep. That was the worst. Other nights she'll let out a sharp cry and go back to sleep. But when her mouth isn't hurting, she is the happiest, brightest girl.

We started playing a new game this week: peek a boo. She just laughs and laughs! 

Brian, Bonnie and I had an amazing time this weekend. Lorelei stayed with BeeBee and Poppy while we went to an awesome Mumford and Sons concert. They had a carnival (with swings from Michael Jackson's Neverland...weird), some delicious food (not the norm at most concerts) and listened to some cool bands (Haim and Grouplove were our favorites--not including Mumford, of course!) Only sad part, I can't do carnival rides anymore. They make me super nauseous!

Mumford and Sons (Gentlemen of the Road tour)

Visiting with Mr. Logan!

My favorite photo outtake!

Hello, puppy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

30 Weeks

Favorite activity: Sitting up and playing on a blanket with all her toys around her (at least it seems like it!)
Favorite food: Outside of breastmilk, mango (said in the voice of that weird SNL character)
Favorite spot: Sitting on her blanket, preferably with one or more dogs around her!
Naughtiest moment: Shoving sweet potato fries up her nose!
Important milestones: Retired the playgym, Transitioned to 6-12 month clothes!
How Mom's Feeling: I'm feeling pretty excellent. Hard to believe that Lorelei is 7 months old! Where has the time gone??? On the one hand, it's hard to remember what life was like without her. On the other hand, it seems like she was just born!

I packed up Lorelei's 3-6 month clothes last night. All her jammies were getting way too small! Fine in the arms, but too short in the legs and torso! Her dresses are getting short and her little khaki pants (the ones I love so much!) were too darn tight in the thighs! So I sorted through everything, kept the onesies and leggings that still fit her and packed up the rest. It's always a sad moment to pack up the too small things. For me, the hardest things to pack were the I <3 Poppy onesie and the Boston Terrier onesie I made for her. I was so proud of those!

Lorelei's new favorite thing to do is sit on a big blanket on the floor with a bunch of toys around her to play with. It certainly makes entertaining her easier! We were able to retire her playgym today, actually. We took off all the attached toys for her to keep playing with, but the mat itself is way too small, and she kept grabbing on to the poles, trying to lift herself up!

Here are some pictures from this week. Not a lot, but what we have is pretty cute!
Sitting on the rug with her favorite spatula. What? Don't you have a favorite spatula?

7 Week Photo Outtakes 
(it's hard to see, but her hair is actually in a little ponytail!)
Love this face!

Miss Flirty Pants! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

6 Month Portraits

So, Garlic Festival Sunday, Brian and I met up with my cousin Kurt (aka best photographer ever, who totally needs to have a gallery dedicated to his family/baby shots--hint hint!) to take Lorelei's 6 month photos. She was...grumpy. Definitely not her usual, smily self. Next time we will definitely try to take the photos at like 8:30 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon. Anyway, we got some great shots of her, nevertheless. Some were done in Kurt's studio (otherwise known as his bedroom) and some were taken at Syngenta Seeds (known to most of us Gilroyans as Goldsmith Seeds). 

Cutest moment of the photo shoot: Lorelei was fascinated with Kurt's younger daughter Katie (who, by the way, shares the same birthday, just 4 years apart!) Lorelei kept watching Katie and wanted to hold her hand!

Fun fact: the blue dress Lorelei is wearing was my dress (although she looks way cuter in it than I did, most likely due to the fact that she refuses to wear any bonnets!)

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite pictures:

Classic Lorelei, sucking her fingers

Love this. What I see every morning after her first feeding.

I love these two shots with Brian. Definitely some of my favorites!

Love that little bit of fat and skin rolling over the edge of the top! She's small, but still my chunky monkey!

You can tell she's happy when she rubs her feet together like that!

Holding her cousin Katie's hand!

Very reminiscent of paintings of Barbara and Susan (Brian's mom and aunt) done when they were children. The paintings used to hang in Grandma Belle's dining room.

Best family portrait ever. Definitely want to get this one printed in large format.  Just not sure where to put it...

I love the colors in this, and the viewpoint. Snapshot-y, but in a good way!

29 Weeks!

Favorite activity: Falling over (at least it seems like it!)
Favorite food: Breastmilk is always welcome, but she's an Irish girl at heart! Loves her some mashed potatoes and baked sweet potato fries!
Favorite spot: Looking out from her carrier
Naughtiest moment: Making mashed potato art!
Important milestones: Getting better at sitting up! 
How Mom's Feeling: This week I'm feeling worn out. Time is just flying by! I feel like I wake up, feed the baby, play with her, put her down for her nap, go to work, come home, make dinner, give Lorelei her bath, then put her down to bed, and suddenly it's almost time for me to go to bed and start all over again. There's never enough time to just sit and relax. Take it all in. I want to savor the time and what's happening with Lorelei but I can't, and suddenly she's growing and changing some more. It's times like these when I am so jealous of stay at home moms. There are so many things I want to do and experience with Lorelei that I just don't have time for. The weekends are just too short!

We went for our second hike with Lorelei this weekend. It was very fun. It was our first time using the new Beco baby carrier for hiking, and let me just say, it was pretty awesome. So comfy and way better than the Moby. While I loved the Moby, it was way too much fabric for hiking. We went to Corte Madera Creek Open Space, and it was so beautiful. There was a nice view and some very cool sandstone structures to look at. After the hike we were so hot and tired, we went to Tina and Don's to go swimming! The water was perfect and Lorelei had a blast in her swim floaty!

On a sweet note, Lorelei has started to take after her mama, playing and cuddling with her two favorite "babies" in her crib: Squeaks the pink mouse and Bun Bun the orange bunny. She plays with them when I put her down for her nap and I'll peek in to find her asleep with them on top of her!

Lorelei sleeping with Squeaks and Bun Bun
Lorelei's mashed potato art. She got really upset when I cleaned it up!

 On our hike: 

Time for a mid-hike snack!

The very cool sandstone formation

My poor leg after trying to take a shortcut!

Plus, a fun video for you: