Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Weeks!

Weird. I'm 7 months pregnant. Only two to go!

How far along: 30 Weeks
Weight: 165. But I haven't had breakfast yet!
Baby size: 15.7 inches. And she weighs 3 pounds. About the size of a head of cabbage.
Movement: We've been getting a lot of hiccups this week! It's very strange...
Feeling: Heartburn-y. Enough that it wakes me up at night! I've taken to keeping a thing of Tums by my bed so I can just take one if it wakes me up. 
What I miss: Sitting comfortably. I can only sit in the chairs at work backwards (you know, straddling the chair). At home, I need to have the pillows in just the right spot...
What I am looking forward to: Our first birthing class is this Saturday!
Milestone: This was my last week of being six months pregnant! As of tomorrow, I will be seven months pregnant and officially be in my eighth month of pregnancy!
To Do: Birth classes, birth plan, start getting supplies for the birth, holiday shopping, finish lesson plans...there's a fair amount to do. I have a list!
Food Cravings: Juice. BUT the juice I want all give me heartburn!
Bonus: Finished another sweater this weekend! It's red, sized for about 6 months and pretty darn cute!

30 Weeks, 5 Days. Guess I was feeling extra blue last night!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

YES! I AM Pregnant!

So...I've got this little pet peeve. I realize that there is always the random fear that when you ask someone if they are pregnant and they AREN'T, and well, that can be awkward.

BUT...if there is someone who you saw EVERY SINGLE DAY last year, then hadn't seen them in six months or so, and then saw them again when they are 7 months pregnant, wouldn't you, oh I don't know, NOTICE that their body looks extremely different? You know...pregnant?

That's when you get the response: "You're pregnant? Really? Because you are barely showing!"

Um...what? I realize I am not as huge as I will become, but I've got a sizable baby bump! Did you just assume that I've gained weight in an odd area or that I have a tumor or...WHAT DID I LOOK LIKE BEFORE I WAS PREGNANT????

Let's Compare:

Brian and I last fall at Clear Lake
This is me at 15 weeks, the end of the first trimester/beginning of second trimester

This is me last week. at almost 30 weeks.

PLEASE tell me you see a difference!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

29 Weeks!

Holy crap! As of this morning, we only have 71 days to go. That does NOT seem like a very long time!

How far along: 29 Weeks
Weight: 166.6
Baby size: 15-ish inches. And she weighs 2 1/2 pounds. About the size of a butternut squash. Mmm...squash.
Movement: A lot. Especially, I find, when I'm relaxed. If I'm tense, not so much.
Feeling: Definitely tired and my back gets sore right around 5 pm every day! 

What I miss: Just being able to curl up in bed. It's such a production now! The pillows, blankets and dogs (yes, Bummer is an integral element to my sleeping situation!) have to be in just such a way to be comfy!
What I am looking forward to: THANKSGIVING! It's a short week this week. I'm making cranberry sauce, a pumpkin pie and cranberry-orange bread (actually, I already made the bread. So yummy!)
Milestone: Baby has officially shifted into position! Her head is nestled in my pubic cavity (I think that's what my midwife said). Since this is my first child, my midwife said that it is unlikely that she will move into a breach position at this point!
To Do: Continue birth plan. Make the list of stuff I'm going to need for the birth and start stocking up!
Food Cravings: Not much. But I'm definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving turkey!
Bonus: Weird dream last night. Dreamed that my sister in law announced that she was pregnant too (she's not, as far as we know!) Apparently, in my preggy state, I feel that EVERYONE needs to be pregnant!
29 Weeks, 5 Days. This is now the only way my cardigans button!
Whoops! And apparently, they don't stay buttoned for long!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

28 Weeks!

How far along: 28 Weeks
Weight: 165
Baby size: 14.8 inches. And she weighs 2 1/4 pounds. About the size of a chinese (or Napa) cabbage.
Movement: Definitely. Sometimes, you can even see my tummy move!
Feeling:  Tired. Getting tired a lot more than I was before. I'm back to taking naps when I get home!
What I miss: Walking with any sort of speed. At this point, I've slowed down a bit, and at the end of the day, I also am supporting my tummy with my arms!
What I am looking forward to: Nothing much on the baby front. I have a midwife appointment and a birthday party this weekend, then Thanksgiving next weekend! What I am not looking forward to: Jury duty next week!
Milestone: Nothing new this week.
To Do: Start putting together my birth plan!
Food Cravings: Nothing too crazy. Although last night I had pumpkin ice cream with chocolate syrup and a dollop of sour cream. That was kind of weird. But tasty!
Bonus: Maternity Leave! I had an appointment with my HR department yesterday to figure out just how long I am going to be out. The happy surprise: three weeks longer than I was expecting AND without using much of my vacation time! Brian and I originally were looking at the information wrong. We had thought that disability ends when you give birth, then the 6 weeks paid family leave starts. We were then going to just stretch out the rest of my vacation time for another 3 weeks (using only 50% pay). Well, it just so happens, I get six weeks of disability once the baby is born, then six more weeks of paid family leave. Which gives us 12 weeks of maternity leave once the baby is here! If I give birth on my due date (Feb 1), then my maternity leave ends on the last Tuesday of April. Since I have no desire to return to work on a Wednesday (usually the craziest day of the week), I am going to use 3 days  of vacation time and come back the following Monday.
28 Weeks, 5 Days. Plus, check out the new hair cut! No hair drying/flat ironing required!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

27 Weeks!

How far along: 27 Weeks
Weight: 164.2--I gained 2 pounds this week!
Baby size: 14 1/2 inches. About the length of a head of cauliflower. And apparently she weighs about 2 pounds.
Movement: Yep! In fact, when Brian rests his head on my tummy and starts talking, she starts to move even more. Do we have a daddy's girl in the making?
Feeling: Cold! I absolutely love autumn and the cooler weather but...our pilot light is out and won't restart. So it's been pretty chilly in here!
What I miss: Going to the bathroom in regular sized stalls. When I use those bathrooms, I have to back way up or my tummy gets bumped by the door!
What I am looking forward to: Baby-wise, I don't have much on the calendar right now. I kind of feel like we are in a holding pattern, just waiting for January. On the other hand, Thanksgiving is right around the corner...
Milestone: This is the first week of the 3rd Trimester. So far, I've been feeling pretty tired!
To Do: Lesson plans. I've just about got everything planned for when I am gone. Now to right out the lesson plans for how to do it!
Food Cravings: Last night, I made crescent rolls. I think I ate like 6 of them! So good!
Bonus:This weekend, my work had a baby clothes swap. People brought in bags of gently used clothes and then bought new clothes for a few dollars. I had actually planned on going, but it didn't work with my schedule. Came to work yesterday to an email telling everyone to take a look at the leftover clothes and take whatever we wanted before they donate the lot to charity. Well...I collected A LOT of clothes--onesies, some dresses, a few pairs of pants, sweaters, tops, two bathing suits and even a pair of brand-new, still in the package tights! And in a variety of sizes (from 0 to 12 months!). The best part: they were really good brands--Baby Gap, Osh Kosh, Carter's, even a few from Ralph Lauren!

27 Weeks, 5 Days. Wearing my favorite long-sleeve maternity top!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

26 Weeks!

We're closing in on the end of the second trimester!

How far along: 26 Weeks
Weight: 162
Baby size: 14 inches. About the length of a hot house cucumber. And apparently she weighs about 1 2/3 pounds.
Movement: Yep!
Feeling: I feel like I'm getting tired a lot more easily. And my back hurts. A lot. Plus, my internal organs are getting a bit squished, so my lung capacity has definitely decreased.
What I miss: Sleeping through the night. I'm waking up at least once a night to go to the bathroom.
What I am looking forward to: Cooking with Brian's sister Mel this weekend. We're doing a bunch of investment-style cooking. Hopefully this, with a few other things I have planned in the coming weeks, will give us plenty of freezer food for February!
Milestone: This is the last week of my second trimester. Not sure how I feel about that! On the one hand, it means that in 3 months, I'll have an actual baby. On the other hand, it means that IN 3 MONTHS, I'LL HAVE AN ACTUAL BABY!!! It also means this lovely second trimester full of energy is coming to an end.
To Do: Cooking with Mel. Working on knitting for the baby. I'm finishing up my yellow cardigan that I've been working on. It *should* be done by the end of the week. Then I'll be done working on 0-6 month size sweaters. I've got plans for a few 6-12 month sweaters. I'm thinking one in red and one in cream/ivory.
Food Cravings: Pie. Cheese. The usual. I made oven-fried chicken and french fries this week and just about died from the deliciousness of it!
Bonus #1: First taste of what it may be like with a new baby: One of the dogs puked in bed this morning (around 5:30 am). So we woke up, stripped the blanket from the bed, put on a new blanket and tried to go back to sleep. Couldn't. So I stayed in bed until 7:30. Then...Bummer puked on the CLEAN blanket. That's when I got up and tossed the first blanket in the wash. Only to find that there is a suspiciously wet and dog-food smelling spot on the couch AND on the rug by the back door. Looks like the dogs will be getting chicken and rice for dinner for the next few days...
Bonus #2: Results of blood sugar testing: Excellent! In fact, my blood sugar looked a bit low. So at least I don't have the concern for gestational diabetes.
Bonus #3: Halloween was last night. We got all of 4 trick or treaters :( Brian and I dressed up last weekend though, for a Halloween party. I was a bumblebee, Brian was his own special super hero "The Impregnator!"
Note: I am drinking sparkling apple cider!
Bonus #4: Look at you with all your bonuses today! Aren't you lucky? I popped into Old Navy yesterday after work and found the clearance table in the baby section. OMG. Everything on this table was like $4 and under! Everything I picked out were about $2.50 and under! I got four super cute tops for Lorelei for UNDER $10! They are all in the 6-12 month size range. So they should work for summer and early fall. I could probably stretch them a bit further by adding a sweater over them!

And, of course, your weekly preggy picture of me!
26 weeks 5 days