Sunday, November 27, 2011

YES! I AM Pregnant!

So...I've got this little pet peeve. I realize that there is always the random fear that when you ask someone if they are pregnant and they AREN'T, and well, that can be awkward.

BUT...if there is someone who you saw EVERY SINGLE DAY last year, then hadn't seen them in six months or so, and then saw them again when they are 7 months pregnant, wouldn't you, oh I don't know, NOTICE that their body looks extremely different? You know...pregnant?

That's when you get the response: "You're pregnant? Really? Because you are barely showing!"

Um...what? I realize I am not as huge as I will become, but I've got a sizable baby bump! Did you just assume that I've gained weight in an odd area or that I have a tumor or...WHAT DID I LOOK LIKE BEFORE I WAS PREGNANT????

Let's Compare:

Brian and I last fall at Clear Lake
This is me at 15 weeks, the end of the first trimester/beginning of second trimester

This is me last week. at almost 30 weeks.

PLEASE tell me you see a difference!

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