Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Favorite Activity: Helping mama cook

Favorite Food: Grapes, rice, Cheerios, fruit and veggie breakfast smoothies, painting

Favorite word or phrase to say: "Bye Guys!"

Cutest Moment: She now demands to be tucked in like a burrito, with all of her babies placed all around her. When it's time to turn out the lights, she looks at us and says "SHHHHH!!!" very loudly.

Naughtiest Moment: Taking toys away from other children then telling them to "Share!"

How Mom's Feeling: Wait...February is over? When did that happen??? I seriously think I took about 5 pictures with my camera all month. I've got plenty of pictures on my phone, but not much else. I don't even know what we DID this month! It hasn't been particularly busy. We've just been keeping on keeping on. A few tidbits this month: 

-we've enrolled Lorelei into preschool for the Fall. Don't know how she got old enough for that to happen! But she'll be starting in the fall, 3 days a week!
-she's started making attempts to climb out of her bed, so we're getting ready for the big-girl bed transition. Waiting for a quilt from BeeBee and a trip to Ikea for her new mattress and sheets (our crib transitions to a toddler bed, but requires a longer mattress than usual--only sold at Ikea, apparently).
-she's started telling us when she has a yucky diaper or has a poop. The beginning of potty training?