Sunday, April 13, 2014


Favorite Activity: Playing at the park/Watching "Frozen"

Favorite Food: Stawberries

Favorite word or phrase to say: "Let it Go!"

Cutest Moment: Dancing around the room, a sock on one hand, spinning around singing "Let it go!" from Frozen

Naughtiest Moment: Shoving her cup (jelly jar) off the table, breaking it, when she decided she didn't want her milk.

How Mom's Feeling: Tired. Lorelei is definitely keeping us on our toes. She's completely obsessed with the movie Frozen--along with every other little girl in the United States, I think! She wants to watch it ALL THE TIME. We've successfully completed the big girl bed transition. It was fairly painless. She sleeps the whole night in the bed, and will just start playing when she wakes up. Naps...are a bit trickier. Even with the blackout curtains, her room just doesn't get that dark. So she just gets up and plays...and destroys things. Somehow she is able to rip the paper off the front of her board books, while leaving the rest of the cover. Weird.