Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Favorite Activity: Playing on the iPad, helping mom cook

Favorite Food: fruit and yogurt

Favorite word or phrase to say: "Play Gummies!" or "1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 10! Yay!" or "Hold you!"

Cutest Moment: So many! After being gone after a long day (in which I didn't see her for over 24 hours) "I miss you!" and randomly running up to me, hugging my knees, and saying "I love you!" then running away.

Naughtiest Moment: Pushing mommy into the kitchen and telling me to "Do Dinner!" so she can play on the iPad.

How Mom's Feeling: Exhausted. For the last two and a half weeks, I've been doing the stay at home mommy thing, and my hat goes off to all those ladies (and men) who do this year round. It is really hard! And it's a constant struggle to balance the free time/guided play/activities/playdates/screen time. I've found it's easier if we just get out of the house in the morning to do something--swimming, playground, playdate, "adventure", come home, eat lunch, naptime (for everyone. Seriously, I haven't done this many naps in the middle of the day since she was a newborn), then a planned afternoon activity at home (cooking project/playdough/painting/art activity), free time, then either some episodes of a show or a movie while mommy makes dinner, bath time (maybe) then bedtime routine. You can see why I'm so exhausted (and there are parents who do this ALL THE TIME). And sometimes I just think "screw it" and we watch shows in the morning, or she gets extra iPad time, and maybe we'll watch a movie in the afternoon. I'm okay with that.

Potty training is going ok. She backslid a bit when she came down with a cold, and now pooping in the potty is pretty hit or miss. She used to tell me when she had a "poo poo coming!" but not anymore. I try to let it go and remember that she won't be going to college with poop in her pants.