Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Weeks!

Weird. I'm 7 months pregnant. Only two to go!

How far along: 30 Weeks
Weight: 165. But I haven't had breakfast yet!
Baby size: 15.7 inches. And she weighs 3 pounds. About the size of a head of cabbage.
Movement: We've been getting a lot of hiccups this week! It's very strange...
Feeling: Heartburn-y. Enough that it wakes me up at night! I've taken to keeping a thing of Tums by my bed so I can just take one if it wakes me up. 
What I miss: Sitting comfortably. I can only sit in the chairs at work backwards (you know, straddling the chair). At home, I need to have the pillows in just the right spot...
What I am looking forward to: Our first birthing class is this Saturday!
Milestone: This was my last week of being six months pregnant! As of tomorrow, I will be seven months pregnant and officially be in my eighth month of pregnancy!
To Do: Birth classes, birth plan, start getting supplies for the birth, holiday shopping, finish lesson plans...there's a fair amount to do. I have a list!
Food Cravings: Juice. BUT the juice I want all give me heartburn!
Bonus: Finished another sweater this weekend! It's red, sized for about 6 months and pretty darn cute!

30 Weeks, 5 Days. Guess I was feeling extra blue last night!

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