Friday, January 13, 2012

Holy Nesting Instinct, Batman!

Yesterday, I had my first honest to goodness, yes I am super sure, Braxton Hicks contraction. I was walking from the preschool to my classroom and I had to actually stop for a moment. I had a few others during the day--maybe one or two--but nothing regular. Looks like the engines are getting warmed up for the big show!

With that being said, my nesting instinct seriously kicked in last night. Now, many of you may think "Well, Meghan, you've been nesting since the second trimester." And this is true. However, I came home yesterday with the determination that I WAS GOING TO FINISH THAT DARN GALLERY WALL TONIGHT! In fact, I'm pretty sure that one of the thoughts running through my head was "I'll be damned if I give birth with pieces of paper on the walls and picture frames littering the house!" So, when I got home, I didn't sit down. I didn't take a nap. I didn't even start dinner. But I did finish that gallery wall!

Here it is: the full monty!

On the left: craft paper hot air balloons I made. On the right: the lyrics to one of Brian and my favorite songs and one of the original sources for our naming the baby Lorelei. It's pretty dark, but a really lovely song.

Some of my favorite maternity pics

On the right: The L made of buttons from Brian's mom, Barbara. On the left: an embroidery of Noah's Ark that my grandmother made.

Top Left: a sketch of a Boston Terrier that looks uncannily like Bummer. Bottom Left: my old ballet slippers on a fabric background that matches the curtains. Right: It's a little hard to see, but it's a shadow box with Lorelei strung across the top with one of the ultrasound pictures in it. Eventually, it will have Lorelei's first baby photo in it.

Top Left: another maternity pic from Kurt. Top Middle: The wooden L I mod-podged. Top Right: the Owl that Brian's sister Stephanie painted for us. Bottom Left: the airplane that Stephanie painted for us (I love that it says L-Orth on the tail!) Bottom Right: pictures of Brian and I as babies.

The super awesome girl-power poster: I am a Maverick

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