Friday, January 27, 2012

Holy Schneikies!

(Note: This was written at 2:30 AM Tuesday morning, when I couldn't sleep. Gee, I wonder why!)

Today I planned a trip up to San Francisco--one of the last times I will be going for a while, I think! I hung out with Bonnie, drove around, had tea at Samovar (yum yum!) and picked up my stroller and the amazing mobile Bonnie made us.

On the drive up, I started feeling some contractions and twinges in my girl bits. This is not too unusual for me, but it was enough that I noticed. Then we hung out all day. Nothing. On my drive home, more contractions and more twinges.  A lot more. Like, considerably a lot. More than I had ever experienced, in fact. I knew it wasn't dehydration, because I had drunk a whole pot of tea at lunch!

While I was making dinner, I started feeling them again. In a one hour period, I felt about 15 "contraction/twinges". this it? Holy crap. IS THIS IT????

I know I keep saying I'm ready, let's do this. And I am ready. And I do want to do this. But...holy schneikies! Am I really really ready? It's kind of terrifying that at the end of this, there's going to be an infant! A real live baby that we're going to have to take care of for the REST OF OUR LIVES!

I know I said I was ready, but...I have a sweater I want to finish and I still have to clean out the trunk of my car and I haven't catalogued the food in our freezer and I wanted to pick something up at work tomorrow...and I kind of had planned to relax on the couch for at least a few days!

How do you know when you're really ready?

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