Tuesday, January 10, 2012

36 Weeks!

How far along: 36 Weeks
Weight: 175.6
Baby size: 18 1/2 inches. And she weighs 6 pounds. About the size of a crenshaw melon.
Movement: Definitely. Not so much "kicking" per se, but lots of flexing, pushing and stretching!
Feeling: Ok. Sore. This week, I managed to pull a muscle in my rib cage while coughing, then a few days later, I twisted my torso and felt something pop. Then...UNIMAGINABLE PAIN!!! It hurt to move, to breathe, and to cough and sneeze (which I still have been doing). I've been massaging it and using hot and cold packs on it, so it has been feeling better these past few days.
What I miss: Sitting down/getting up easily. My ankles (they are officially cankles and I keep them covered with my new slouchy boots!)
What I am looking forward to: Setting up the art wall. That's on the agenda for this next week!
Milestone: This is officially the 9th month!
To Do: Set up the art wall, wash and fold the 0-3 month clothes. Finish putting everything from the baby shower away.
Food Cravings: Nothing really. Cheese.
Bonus #1: Baby shower was this weekend. It was SO MUCH FUN! Pictures and post to come, once I get pictures  back from Gladys (hint hint! I KNOW you are reading this!)
Bonus #2: Met with the pediatrician today. We definitely clicked. I'll be happy to be working with her this next month!
Bonus #3: We've been having some trouble with the dogs marking their territory...on the bed (ewww!) So I had the idea that maybe they are upset with all the changes going on and not having their own space in the nursery. This week, I picked up a special dog bed for them, put in a blanket and put it first in the living room, then in the nursery. They were very unsure of it at first, but now they seem to love it! I envision many late nights breastfeeding in the nursery with my puppies hanging out with us in their bed!
Bonus #4: This week, I also made a baby book. While I do have an adorable photo album with spots for journaling, I wanted to have something that documented the pregnancy and had places to write about milestones and such. I had one as a baby and I loved paging through it when I was a little girl. I downloaded the template from Young House Love (one of my favorite blogs) then altered it with what we needed. Here are a few pics:
The cover--which I just mod-podged the crap out of.

I started with monthly pictures for our "bump watch" plus some notes on how far along I was and how I was feeling.

There are also spots for cute journaling stuff--like this predictions page.

And of course, our weekly bump picture:
36 Weeks, 5 Days. I love how the bottom of the shirt is gapping. At this point, the maternity part of my maternity jeans are feeling a little tight these days!

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