Monday, June 6, 2011

Wait...What? What?! How did THAT happen???

So, I've been pretty frustrated these last few weeks waiting for my period to start. I want it to start so I can begin charting again in earnest. I've been keeping track of my waking temperatures...sorta. I misplaced my thermometer for a few days. Then I went to Sacramento for my sister in law, Melissa's, wedding shower and I was sharing a room with my other sister in law, Stephanie. Since we're trying to keep this journey a secret for now, I didn't take my temp then either. I started back up and promptly lost the thermometer again (it keeps falling behind our bed and it is really hard to get it back!)

Anyway, I've been semi-charting, but no period. I'd gone through an entire month--47 days, including when I was on my period after I miscarried before--with nothing. Then in the last week or so, I'd noticed my nipples were getting sensitive. I figured this was a precursor to getting my period. Some people get that. Then in the last day or so my stomach has been feeling a little wonky. Kinda nauseous, kind a hungry. So I picked up a pregnancy test, just to see. I felt like I was wasting money--it was a $10 CVS test, not one of my Dollar Tree cheapies--but I didn't want to be stressing about this. As I said before, it's the hoping that hurts. I didn't want to hope. I wanted to have what I knew, that I wasn't pregnant, confirmed.

Well, I was wrong.

My first response was "You are SHITTING me!"
#1 I didn't even think you COULD get pregnant that soon. Don't you need to, you know, build up the uterine lining for something even to stick?
#2 I didn't think it was even biologically possible for us to get pregnant. We weren't TRYING to get pregnant, so we were using alternate methods of birth control. (Apparently they're right when they say "pulling out" is not a good method of BC). So apparently, it is not impossible. Just not probable.

Of course, in the past month I have:
-drunk a fair amount of wine
-eaten smoked salmon a couple of times
-eaten seared tuna
-eaten at least one poached egg (read, uncooked yolk) a day
-Taken a fair amount of Nyquil for my cold
-Had a fever (of 99.9)

There's a part of me saying "Hey, third time's the charm, right?" Another part of me saying, well, It's only been a month since the miscarriage. Anything can happen right now. I'm going to continue taking my vitamins (I'm now doubling the amount of Vitamin D I've been taking), eat the right foods, and take it easy. But I am NOT going to hope.

But, they do say third time's the charm...

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