Thursday, June 9, 2011

Officially 6 weeks, 1 day!

I had my first doctor's appointment this morning! Of course, it was early and I had run out of frozen fruit for my smoothie and didn't have enough time to make anything, so I ran out of the house with a packet of applesauce and  tummy full of vitamins. Bad idea. I pretty much wanted to puke my entire appointment!

But, onto my appointment. I had an ultrasound--we are officially 6 weeks and 1 day (plus or minus a few days). Everything seems to be going well. It's pretty tiny. Just a little blob. But it was a blinking blob, so that's good!
The doctor said that, since I have had two miscarriages already, we are treating this pregnancy AGGRESSIVELY! Which means everyday I will be taking:
-Prenatal vitamins every day
-4000 i.u. Vitamin D
-Baby Aspirin
-Fish Oil
-hormone suppositories (twice a day)
-injecting (yes, with a needle) Lovenox into my tummy

Once you get all the structural reasons for miscarriage out of the way, the two main causes of miscarriage is overactive blood clotting and overactive immune system. By taking these, I will slightly suppress my immune system and slightly suppress my coagulation.

Next Friday, I see the midwife!

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