Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Have to Wear a What????

The day has come. My pants, they no longer fit quite right. To put it bluntly, I can no longer button them! Since the baby is about the size of a raspberry, I can't quite say it's the growing baby that's doing this to me. And my weight is the same as it was two weeks ago, when my pants fit. I'm pretty sure I have entered...

The Bloat Zone (doo doo doo do! doo doo doo do!)

All silliness aside though, it's true. My pants no longer fit in the waist. My shirts are all still fine, thankfully. I'm hoping to put off most of my maternity shopping until August, when I really hit the 2nd trimester. However today I made my first foray into maternity wear.

With the advice of many pregnant ladies before me, I picked up a BeBand.
I assure you, it's way cuter on this model than it is on me!
However, despite how not cute it is, it is hidden under my t-shirts and tank tops and--most important--I can sit with my pants unbuttoned and be comfortable (and decent). Apparently, I can also wear it throughout the pregnancy and post pregnancy, too. Not bad for $16!

I did take a few looks in the maternity wear department, just to get ready for what I'm going to buy come August!

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