Thursday, June 23, 2011

8 Weeks!

We've made it to 8 weeks! Only 4 more to go before I can make the big announcement. Best news, my doctor says it's looking really good. The baby was moving--MOVING!--inside my uterus! That was pretty cool to see it wiggling around. Brian looked at the picture and called it a "slimer" a la Ghostbusters. Nice, right?

How far along: 8 weeks, 1 day
Weight: 163 lbs
Baby size: 1.89 cm. About the size of a raspberry
Sleep: Good. Still peeing at night.
Movement: Not that I can feel, but I saw it moving on the ultrasound
Feeling: Exhausted and nauseated. I've pretty much been throwing up every morning/day
What I miss: The feeling of not being nauseated. I was prescribed Zofran for the nausea, I haven't filled the prescription yet, though. I'm waiting to see how I feel. I also miss real raw fish sushi.
What I am looking forward to: Telling people, feeling better.
Milestone: Made it to 8 weeks! Over halfway done with the first trimester!
To Do: Blood Tests and Genetic Screening. I don't have to go to the doctor next week, so that's nice.
Food Cravings: Watermelon. Cottage Cheese. Iced water with lemon.

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