Friday, May 27, 2011


Today I went to see our midwife, Rosanna, for a fertility consultation. Not that I have a problem with fertility. Heck, I've managed to get pregnant twice in 5 months! I'd say that's pretty damn good :) However, I seem to have a problem with getting the baby to stick.

It was a great and pretty successful meeting as far as I'm concerned. First off, it totally reinforces our decision to use this midwife. She is really awesome. I get such a great vibe--not hippy dippy at all, just calm, patient and above all practical.

So, here is what I found out:
1. Our current diet is great. We're doing all the right things. Eating lots of eggs, fruits, vegetables and proteins. Although I should cut back on the carbs :( I love carbs.

2. Take Vitamin D supplements. Most people have a Vitamin D deficiency and it's super important for a developing fetus.

3. Take Calcium/Magnesium supplements. Most people don't get enough of that, either.

4. Monitor my blood sugar level with a glucometer. Apparently, when she suggested this, my eyes bugged out a bit. Probably the idea of poking myself with a needle several times a day! I just need to do this for one or two days. We need to see how much my blood sugar level fluctuates. Extreme blood sugar level fluctuations can also cause miscarriages.

Rosanna also lent me some reading material: The course materials for a pregnancy nutrition course and the book Real Food for Mother and Baby-The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two and Baby's First Foods by Nina Planck. I'm really looking forward to going through these this weekend.

Right now, I've got a bright and optimistic outlook for the next few months. I'll read the materials, make some dietary changes if necessary, make sure I'm exercising more regularly (or, you know, at all!) and just enjoy my summer. Then, come August, we should be ready to start again! I'm hoping third time's the charm!

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  1. Sounds like a solid plan! I'm thinking happy thoughts for you!