Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Too Many Mobiles!

OK. My name is Meghan and I have an addiction. To mobiles. Seriously. I can't get enough of them! I collect pictures of them on Pinterest. Sadly, I can only have two in the baby's room. Mind you, this room is extremely small. 8'x8', more or less. At this point, I already have plans for two things hanging from the ceiling:
#1 Bird Mobile

#2: Hanging Birdcage Lamp
Now, I can hang one more. I want the bird mobile over the crib, the bird lamp over the rocking chair (so I can actually, you know, have LIGHT in that room). I want a third mobile for over the changing table. Now, which mobile do I go for:

Choice A: Hot Air Balloons
Choice B: Circles

Choice C: Ribbon Mobile

Choice D: Butterfly Chandelier (but could totally be birds or airplanes or hot air balloons see my dilemma! I know I want one more. But it's so hard to choose! What's you're favorite? Help me out here!

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