Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Swimmer

I'm pretty sure I'm starting to feel movement...

It's hard to tell, exactly, because so many people describe it differently. I've heard it described as:
-like gas bubbles
-muscle twitches
-goldfish in the belly

Well, yesterday and today, especially when I've been sitting still (like driving, at lunch or hanging out on the couch) I've been feeling...weird. A little like gas, a little like air bubbles in the tummy. What it reminds me of most is (and Brian thought this was a really weird comparison) swimming in the swimming pool over someone who is releasing huge air bubbles (like from a scuba tank). Or alternately, like sitting on top of the air bubble vents in a hot tub. Along with a bit of splashing. Like someone is swimming.

So I think this is it. It just feels very odd.

And kinda reminds me of this:

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