Friday, September 9, 2011

It's a...

Girl! I was wrong! Brian was right! So much for maternal intuition!

We're super excited. We've decided to name her Lorelei Anna Belle. Lorelei, from German mythology because we like the name. It means "murmuring rock" and there is actually a rock in Germany called the "Lorelei Rock" or something. The myth is about a siren who lures sailors to their death. We're going with the "murmuring rock" meaning though! Hopefully our little girl will be strong, stable and steady as a rock and not someone who lures sailors to their death. Anna Belle, was Brian's maternal grandmother's name. Anna Belle also means "gracious beauty" (which I really think suited Brian's grandmother to a T). So our little girl's name is going to mean "gracious, beautiful rock." I like that. It also kind of echoes our honeymoon when we hiked to the Cliffs of Mohr, which were gracious, beautiful rocks, if ever there were any. (I totally came up with that right now as I was writing this. But it's true.)

The ultrasound today was pretty exciting overall.  Baby, of course, was flipping around all over the place and generally not cooperating. We got one really good picture, but she kept twisting and turning, laying on her tummy, then curling up in a ball, hiding in a corner and covering up her face. Typical. At one point her hands were over her face and her feet were curled up and touching her head.

Most importantly, everything looks good. She looks to be measuring at 20 weeks and weighing about 1 pound. The placenta seems to have moved out of the danger zone, which is reassuring, so no placenta previa!

Here's her one good ultrasound picture:

*Randomly, I just found out that Lorelei is a Pokemon villain...and looks like a hot redhead with glasses...weird. 

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