Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Starboard, ho!

This weekend, Brian and I took maternity photos with my amazing cousin Kurt (of Kemling Images). It was cold and overcast and actually started raining on our drive back home. BUT...we got some really awesome shots! By the end of the shoot, we were racing to beat the sunset.

And on a weird/hilarious note, Kurt made me give him directions to the park using only nautical terms. Starboard, ho!

Here are a few of my favorites:
And yes, those used to be my baby shoes!

My favorite of Brian and I together.

Loving the depth of field on this one! Also the giant baby bump!

For some reason, I really loved the pics of Brian and I without our heads. Odd...

Planning on putting this one in the nursery!

Probably my favorite. I feel like I look huge, but in a good way! I want to blow this one up and mount it on a canvas for our bedroom!

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  1. LOVE them all! The up close one of you and Brian makes me smile.