Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Labor Process for Gamers

Now, I will warn you now, this is not a perfect analogy. It did however amuse me when I came up with it during birthing class today. (Clearly, I am joking and having fun with this. Please don't take it seriously. If you do, I may have to reevaluate our friendship.)

The labor process/stages of labor seems rather reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3.

So first, you have Early Labor, which is kind of like the beginning of the level. It's not too hard, but there are contractions--kinda like goombas--that you have to deal with.

Then you start Active Labor. This part gets a little harder. Contractions are stronger and closer together. There are more goombas, a lot of those turtle guys--even some who throw shit at you, and some fireball spitting flowers.

Now you have Transition. This part is hard. Contractions are faster, harder and closer together. It's like the bad guy before you get to the boss. Or those super annoying ghosts in the ghost level (I hate those frigging ghosts!) Or the jellyfish in the water level.

If you're lucky, after transition you'll get a rest stage. Not everyone gets this. It's a good time to try to take a nap or relax before the big show. Kind of like getting a power up before the big boss.

Finally, you're onto descent and pushing. This is the big boss. Bowser, if you will. It takes awhile and is pretty hard.

In the end, though, you slide down the flagpole, get the bonus points and the baby.

Hmm...again, not the greatest analogy. But when you are in a 4 hour birthing class after a two hour group midwife appointment, your mind starts to wander...

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