Thursday, July 5, 2012

23 Weeks

Favorite activity: Jump, jumparoo!
Favorite food: breast milk, but she's mighty fond of tortillas!
Favorite spot: At the dinner table with mom and dad!
Naughtiest moment: While out to eat with mom, tossing her toy on the floor so mom has to pick it up, then tossing it on the floor again and again and again!
Important milestones: First overnight!
How Mom's Feeling: Pretty good. I had this last week off, so Lorelei and I had a super packed week of fun activities! We went to music in the park on Tuesday (photos were in last week's post) with some other moms and babies, the zoo with Brian on Wednesday (she liked the sea lions the best--they barked like her puppies!), we visited Auntie Mel and Auntie Lisa in Sacramento on Thursday (did the drive there and back like a champ, but did NOT like the cold pool water!), then ran errands and had lunch out on Friday. Saturday we went to Gilroy for Barbara and Jeff's Garlic Festival Boot Camp party, then stayed the night and went berry picking on Sunday! 

We were all really impressed with how well Lorelei did at the party. She had lots of people looking, smiling and talking to her, and she only fussed a few times! Mostly, she was a very happy baby. It definitely helped that for most of the party she was in the arms of me, Barbara and May, so she was always surrounded by a familiar face.

The funniest part of the weekend was after we went berry picking on Sunday. We went to Gizdich Farms (best place for Ollaliberry picking!). After a warm morning of picking, we went to their pie room and got some apple slushes (made from their yummy Gizdich apples!). Lorelei WANTED that slush! She stuck her hand right in it! Then, to see what she'd do, I put a tiny bit of slush on a spoon for her, and she slurped it down, then gnawed on the spoon! She's definitely getting the idea of what the spoon is for!

On a different note, Lorelei was not being a good napper at Grandma BeeBee and Poppy Jeff's house! She wouldn't nap in the pack and play or in her car seat, even if I rocked her. I ended up needing to take her on a couple of walks to put her to sleep. I've decided she's at the age to start transitioning her naps from the swing to the crib. She needs to be able to take a nap in places where she's not moving! We've been working on it this week since we've been back home from Gilroy. It's...a challenge. It was so easy to transition her to a crib at night, but it's been much harder with the naps!

On another, rather frustrating note, I'm having some challenges with milk supply. Hard to believe with the way I was producing at first! But with Lorelei sleeping solidly through the night, having to pump at work, and Lorelei eating more, I just haven't been able to produce as much as I'd like. We seem to be going through my stash of milk pretty quickly. The hardest part for me is that I'm not producing much at night. She goes down at 8 and I would normally pump at 11. Before, if I didn't pump, I'd be uncomfortably engorged in the morning and leak all over the bed. Now. Not so much. The past few nights, I've barely been able to pump an ounce or so :( So after some research, I've started to take fenugreek supplements and have also been pumping in the morning. I usually have plenty of milk in the AM, so if I pump a bottle, I still have plenty to feed Lorelei. Hopefully, this method will work. I'm trying really hard to breastfeed her for a full year.

Loving her jumperoo!
 At the San Francisco Zoo!

In Sacramento
Being a proper sun bunny!

Dinner date with Mama
At Garlic Festival Bootcamp

She really loved that carrot!
 Berry Picking at Gizdich Farm

She got a bit hungry,  looking at all those delicious berries!

Our spoils!

Loving up on that apple slush!

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