Sunday, July 22, 2012

25 Weeks

Favorite activity: Jumping in the jumperoo, not just standing in it.
Favorite food: breast milk, but nectarines and broccoli are favorites too!!
Favorite spot: Sitting in laps
Naughtiest moment: Pooping on May. Twice!
Important milestones: First trip to SF with baby AND two dogs on my own!
How Mom's Feeling: Let me tell you, it has been a crazy, busy week! These last two weeks, I've been teaching full day summer camps, leaving the house at 8 am and coming home by 3:30. While I love having afternoons with Lorelei, the early mornings (I have to get up at 6:30 am) are much harder! 

Here is my morning routine: alarm goes off at 6:30, get up, go to the bathroom, pump, get Lorelei up, change her, bring her back to bed to feed her, leave her with Brian, get dressed, make lunch, prep baby bottles for the day, get Lorelei dressed, put her in high chair, make breakfast for me, put something in tray for Lorelei, eat, clean up my mess and Lorelei's mess, last minute cuddles, give her back to Brian, and leave. All in an hour and a half. It's pretty exhausting!

On top of just being busy, I've also been putting together my birthday celebration (dinner out on my birthday and a trip up north to an oyster farm on Saturday) and we're on baby watch! Baby Brown is due ANY MINUTE NOW!

We also had a fun trip to SF this weekend for our friends Debra and Lester's birthdays. It was at a dog park so we HAD to bring the puppies!

Lester photo bomb

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