Sunday, July 15, 2012

Me Gusta Garlic!!!

A few weeks ago, Brian's parents had their annual Garlic Festival Bootcamp party. It was fun, made more so because I didn't do any prep this year (just kidding, Barbara and Lisa, I always have fun helping!)

The theme of the party is, of course, Garlic Festival, but it also has a military vibe (ergo "Bootcamp"), so we all try to dress in our best camo/military themed attire. Lorelei borrowed a pair of camo shorts from her (very) soon-to-be cousin. Add in a ruffled shirt and a pair of white bows in her hair, and she was good to go!

The party was awesome. Brian's calamari (done G-Fest style with the giant flames) was better than ever and Jeff's pepper steak sandwiches were delish! Lorelei did a fantastic job, considering she had never been in a group that size before (there were usually at least 30 people there at any given time) and she was introduced to most of them! It helped that she was being held by either me, Barbara, Jeff, May, Tina or Lisa, all people she already knew.

Our friend Don (and Tina's better half--hee hee!) was there to take pictures and got some truly lovely pictures of our best girl!

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