Friday, July 13, 2012

24 Weeks

Favorite activity: Chatting in bed or on the changing table with Papa!
Favorite food: breast milk, but she sure does like her some broccoli!
Favorite spot: Sitting up in her high chair
Naughtiest moment: Spitting up right on Mama's face
Important milestones: First 4th of July, Starting to really get the hang of food
How Mom's Feeling: Mostly, I'm feeling good. We had a very nice week. We had a relaxed 4th of July, visiting with friends and grilling. Lorelei completely slept through the fireworks! We went to Vasona Park in Los Gatos for a playdate with Jessica and Danica. It was very cute to watch the two girls interact. They are only 3 weeks or so apart. Lorelei even got to try her first amusement park ride: the train! She loved feeling the wind in her hair and looking around. She cried when we got off! We also had a very nice visit with my dad and stepmom Janet. Lorelei was fascinated by my dad's mustache, hat and beer bottle!

They say when you have a baby, you live with your heart outside your body. In so many ways, that seems to be true. I never realized how hard that would be or the way it would effect me. I can't watch movies with violence or tragedy directed at kids or families. I'm preoccupied with the thought of "what if..." It's not helpful or constructive in any way. There are so many times when I think about how I just want to be with Lorelei, holding her, cuddling her and watching her grow and change!

Here are some pictures of our week:
4th of July with Auntie Bonnie

Celebrating th 4th with Mommy

Hanging in our Jumparoo

What's up, Parrot?

Hanging out with Danica

Cuddling with Grandpa Dan!

What's this, Grandpa?

Mmm...I sure do like Newcastle!

Broccoli is delicious!

Yum yum!

I need two hands to stuff it in my mouth!

Bummer and Finnegan, stalking Sophie the Giraffe!

Silly girl!

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