Wednesday, July 25, 2012

26 Weeks

Favorite activity: She loves that jumparoo, but also standing up (with help) and petting the dogs!
Favorite food: Breastmilk, for sure. But she also likes banana, melon and nectarine!
Favorite spot: definitely the jumparoo
Naughtiest moment: Big splashes in the bathtub
Important milestones: First cousin!!!
How Mom's Feeling: Lorelei is officially 6 months old! How did that happen? I'll have a second post just to talk about that, but geez, 6 months!

In some very exciting news, Brian's sister Mel gave birth to a handsome little guy early Monday morning! Logan Thomas was 9 1/2 pounds, 22 inches of cute baby boy (a full 2 pounds heavier, and 3 inches longer than Miss Lorelei!) We aren't going to be able to see the new family until next weekend, so must be satisfied with pictures until then!

I also celebrated my 30th birthday this week. First with a surprise (and well-timed) visit from my mom. In an unforseen turn of events, Brian's younger sister Stephanie also was able to celebrate with us (her flight to Sacramento was diverted, so she flew into SFO instead!) My little birthday dinner changed from 2 people to 6! 

We also celebrated my birthday with a trip up north to Point Reyes to sit on a beach and shuck oysters. The views on the way were beautiful and the oysters were delicious (their size rivaled the ones we had in Ireland on our honeymoon!) 

Mr. Logan Thomas

Trying so Hard to Crawl!

First visit with Auntie Toffy!

Mama's birthday at Point Reyes

Food is Delicious!

I'm 6 Months Old Today!

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