Wednesday, June 27, 2012

22 Weeks

Favorite activity: Bouncing in the Jumperoo from Grady
Favorite food: breast milk, but she's starting to taste other things, too!
Favorite spot: Cuddled with mama
Naughtiest moment: While eating, twisting her head with nipple still FIRMLY attached in her mouth!
Important milestones: Able to transfer objects from right hand to left hand
How Mom's Feeling: Really good. I've really jumped into this Baby Led Weaning and I have to say it makes so much sense! Lorelei wasn't much of a fan of the applesauce when I shoved it in her mouth, but that was probably because she wasn't in control of it. Imagine having someone shove some new substance into your mouth, you'd spit it back out too! So every day, at least once a day, usually twice, I stick her in the high chair, bring my meal out to the table and give her one of her spoons, forks and a piece of food. She can choose which one she wants to play with. She likes the spoons, likes the forks (and is learning that the pokey parts hurt when they poke her lip or tongue!) and has tasted and played with a variety of foods (cooked and raw green beans, avocado, baby spinach, boiled red potato, raw green onion). So far, she seems to like the cooked green beans and raw green onion the best! It's so much fun to watch her practice picking up the food and utensils and figure out how to stick them in her mouth. In fact, we noticed yesterday that she was passing the utensils from hand to hand!

Another side benefit of having Lorelei join us for meals is that I have to have dinner ready a lot earlier. Like at 6:30! Anyone who knows us can understand what an event THAT is! Normally, we don't eat dinner until 9 pm! I suddenly have time in the evenings now!

I also have this week off, so Lorelei has been having lots of mommy time!

Our new friends Nate and Bronwyn at Music in the Park

Our friends Emily and Christine at Music in the Park

Lorelei enjoying some tummy time at Music in the Park

Playing with Papa!

So very tired!

Happy to be at the table with mama and papa!

Mmm....cooked green beans!

And a video!

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