Friday, June 15, 2012

20 Weeks

Favorite activity: Nomming on her fingers
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: Outside. Anywhere, just outside.
Naughtiest moment: Nothing. She is perfect!
Important milestones: Officially teething, first case of cradle cap...
How Mom's Feeling: Good. Kind of tired. Lorelei has officially started teething :/ Poor baby  just cries and cries. It's kind of bipolar, actually. She'll cry and cry until she sticks something in our mouth, be it her teething ring, her teething keys, a stuffed toy or her fingers (or my fingers, or Brian's fingers...) Then she's the happiest girl in the world. 

This week, she's also discovered color, particularly reds, yellows and greens. She particularly loves a specific issue of PC World and most Eric Carle books...

Mostly though, I'm amazed at how our girl is growing and changing. And I'm amazed and grateful to have such a wonderful, happy and easygoing girl (even when she's teething)!

My mom is here visiting this week, so we have lots and lots of pictures, and even a video for you!

Our New Toybox!
Step 1: Tape off the design

Step 2: Paint and Assemble

Step 3: Put in room and fill with blankets and toys!

Playing Around the House!
Loving on her buffalo from Poppy

Tech Shortcuts? Tell me more!

Geekling! Just like Papa!

Lorelei's entertainment center: swing, magazine, Squeaks the Mouse,  Elephant...
Playing is hard work!

Little Strawberry!

Just chillin' in my chair, no big deal. What are you doing?
The Many Faces of Tummy Time

Some video for you:

The last one is admittedly long. The best bits are the first minute!

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