Thursday, April 26, 2012

13 Weeks

Weight: Haven't weighed her this week...
Height: or measured her... 
Favorite activity: baby pull ups!
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: on that play gym!
Naughtiest moment: Kicking and pushing against mom so hard in the bath that her head dipped under the water
Important milestones: First week without mom, first visit with Great Grandma Lou and Great Great Aunt Ellie, able to hold her head up without assistance
How Mom's Feeling: Well, we survived our first week with me back at work. We couldn't have done it without the amazing talents of Brian, Barbara and May. It was great to be back, but I really missed being at home with Lorelei. I definitely look forward to the weekends--and what a weekend it was!

I totally had this weekend packed with activities. On Saturday, we did part 1 of grocery shopping (Trader Joe's), plus we drove down to Gilroy to celebrate cousin Maddie's 1st birthday. It was also ridiculously, epically HOT! Like 90 degrees in Gilroy! Lorelei was definitely NOT a fan of that much heat! It also cured me of any desire to have a big get to-do for Lorelei's first birthday. Brittney did an amazing job, but it looked like SO MUCH WORK! There had to be at least 40 people there. I'm thinking we're definitely doing a smaller get together here at the house for Lorelei's first. Sunday, we did part 2 of grocery shopping (Safeway), a shopping trip to Old Navy (for mom, NOT baby!), a picnic in the park and then an unexpected visit from Brian's Grandma Lou and Great Aunt Ellie! It was so sweet to see Lorelei cuddled up with her Great Grandma!

The hardest part for me this week was definitely being away from Lorelei. Confession: when I was doing the Kindergarten pick up, I felt a not-so-small degree of jealousy towards all the other moms picking up their Kinders with babies in tow. As I've said before, I love my job. But I desperately miss being home with Lorelei. I've only been at work a little over a week now, but I just feel like I'm missing so much. 

On the plus side, I made it to an early park meetup on Friday. A few of us met at the duck pond at the Palo Alto Baylands park. It was a beautiful morning, and Lorelei got to nurse in the sun--the park was dead and for a while it was only the ducks, Lorelei and I--which really felt glorious. It really inspired me to get out more in the mornings with Lorelei. My new goal is to take her out for a walk each morning at 10 am (as long as the weather is good). I get exercise and we get mommy and baby time.

As always, some photos of our week:
Tummy Time!

On her way to the park with BeeBee!

Sleeping like her papa!

Ready for a party!

Visiting with Grandma Janet and Grandpa Dan

Hiding at the picnic!

Hanging with her papa!

Enjoying the park!

Playing Scrabble with the girls

Cuddling with Great Grandma Lou!

Playing with BeeBee!

Look who's holding on to her favorite giraffe!


Caught in a Sneeze part 1
Caught in a Sneeze part 2

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