Tuesday, April 3, 2012

10 Weeks

Weight: 10ish pounds
Height: 23ish inches (yeah, didn't *actually* weigh or measure this week!)
Favorite activity: hanging out on the play gym
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: the play gym or the big tub
Naughtiest moment: Projectile spitting over both of Papa's bare feet!
Important milestones: Slept 8 hours in a row!
How Mom's Feeling: Great. All said and done, it's been a pretty mellow week. We've gone on a few walks, run some errands, but it was pretty rainy, so we stuck close to home. Lorelei has officially grown out of all of her newborn stuff, I've packed it away in her closet for now. I went through her 3-6 month things, just to see what we have, and we've got a pretty good selection! The only things I would like more of would be another pair of shorts and some rompers (I LOVE me some rompers!)

We're getting closer to the end of my maternity leave. I'm really not ready to go back! Right now, I'm dealing with the details--who's watching Lorelei on what day, what days I have off, daily routines. I feel like I'm going overboard, but, well, for anyone who knows me, that's not a big shocker!

Easter is coming up this next weekend. I'm looking forward to introducing her to all of her Blum-Patterson family. They haven't had a chance to meet Lorelei yet!

Hanging out in the Bumbo chair!

Our naturally dyed Easter eggs. We'll be lucky if any are left on Easter!

Sleepy Face!

Rocking her new dress from Great Great Aunt Ellie at our Book Club Picnic

Helping with the laundry!
Look at that face! LOOK AT IT!

She's loving that yellow lion!
Too many cute picks from our 10 week photo shoot (the dogs really wanted to be in the photos this week)!

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