Tuesday, April 10, 2012

11 Weeks

Weight: 10ish pounds
Height: 23 inches 
Favorite activity: still loving the play gym
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: curled up with mom in bed
Naughtiest moment: Pooping in the tub. With mom in it! Not too fun!
Important milestones: Slept 8 hours in a row for 3 consecutive nights, plus slept in the Pack and Play for 4 nights in a row!
How Mom's Feeling: Good. We had a really nice week--we went to the park, we went out for tea, we did some gardening, we visited with family...Easter was good, although exhausting for baby! We did the morning with at my Dad and Step-Mom's house--a delicious Easter breakfast, fun visit with family plus an Easter Egg Hunt. While Lorelei was napping, the big kids all brought Brian eggs for Lorelei! In the afternoon, we went to Grandma BeeBee and Poppy's house. Took some pictures in the backyard, Lorelei took a nice long nap and we had dinner. 

Looking forward to this next week. It's bittersweet, too, since it's my last week of maternity leave.

Some highlights of our week:
Lorelei's "Waking Up" Faces

Our trip to the duck pond
It was a bit chilly and windy!
Happy Easter!
Look what the Easter Bunny left!

Happiest Easter Bunny ever!

Official Easter outfit (complete with matching shoes!)

Hanging out with Aunt Brittney

Cuddling with Mama

Cousin Maddy wants to say hello. She's aggressively affectionate!

Eating lunch with Poppy!

I like Easter Eggs!

Pouty mouth!

Looks like Daddy!

Ready for Gardening!

Official gardening ensemble!

Mama's helper!

Our new flowerbed!

Laughing at Papa!

Checking out the new Pack and Play

Our hardcore girl, ready for some wet weather!

Week 11 Outtake

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