Thursday, May 3, 2012

14 Weeks!

Favorite activity: Grabbing onto the rings of her play gym!
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: on that play gym! It's definitely her favorite toy!
Naughtiest moment: 2 massive diaper blowouts! One for May, one for Mom!
Important milestones: grabbing onto things
How Mom's Feeling: OK. A little bittersweet, actually. Lorelei's been hitting some milestones and is working up to more, and I'm missing them! This week, she started grabbing onto the rings of her playgym and hanging on! If she starts crawling or walking without me, I think I'm going to cry! This working mom business is hard stuff!

It was definitely a harder week for me. Not sure why. I think the first week had the excitement of being back at work. Now that I'm back, well, I want to be home instead! On the plus side, I went walking with her almost every day, which was nice. And we went to the Foster City library baby storytime for the first time this week! It was a lot of fun. Lorelei did a great job. She got a little hungry at the end there, so I pulled out my nursing cover and fed her. Otherwise though, she was pretty alert for the whole thing!

The best part of my days, though, are the mornings. That time between 7 am and 9 am, when we are all cuddling in bed (dogs too!) We put Lorelei on a blanket between Brian and I, and she rolls around and laughs and smiles. She's been vocalizing a lot this week! It's as if she's finally discovered her vocal cords and is trying to figure them out!

As always, some pictures of our week:
In her new lightweight sleepsack. Yes, that is a ruffly pink flower on it! She look like a layer cake when she wears it!

She's definitely found her thumb!

Grabbing on! The elephant is her favorite this week!

Happy girl!

Loving that thumb action!

Laying on the new quilt one of Brian's clients made!

Check out that lip--she's started sucking on her tongue and lips this week, making some super cute faces!

One of my new favorite outfits for her!

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