Tuesday, May 8, 2012

15 Weeks

Favorite activity: While diaper-less rolling up to grab her feet (and playing airplane with Dad. And playing The Grand Old Duke of York)!
Favorite food: breast milk
Favorite spot: She loves rolling around on that play gym!
Naughtiest moment: None. She is absolutely perfect!
Important milestones: Rolling over, grabbing her toes, pushing up, sitting and standing up (with assistance)
How Mom's Feeling: Good. Tired. This has been a week full of milestones. In fact, it feels like in the last 3 weeks, Lorelei has really bloomed. She has managed to roll over and grab her toes this week, also gave a few preliminary attempts to push herself up while on her tummy. She loves to sit up, holding onto your fingers for balance, and to stand, with lots of extra help.

This week, like every week, I just marvel at how perfect she is. I can't handle it. I know every mother thinks there baby is wonderful, unique and absolutely perfect, but Lorelei is truly that. She has a ready smile and such a happy disposition. I feel blessed. 

We have seen some "signs of the future" as we call them. She's definitely a talker (like her Papa). Every morning, after screaming to be changed (the girl does NOT like a wet diaper) and fed, she loves talking to us, rolling around on the bed and just laughing. She's also very focused and determined--be it to hold onto a ring, kick a toy or roll over! 

Some pictures of this week:

Plus, here are a few videos we took this week:

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