Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get Ready for Some Adorable-ness!

I was reading a blog this evening about this nursery done up all vintage. Then I read this: "There is something really sweet about dressing your baby in the same clothes dress you wore, or reading them the same books you enjoyed as a child. I used to dress Harper in the same pink sweater and hat that I wore as a baby."

It got me thinking "I've got a lot of clothes from when I was a baby." For some reason, it never really occurred to me that our baby could actually wear some of my old baby clothes. Or, if it's not really practical to wear, it would look cute in the room. So I pulled out the baby clothes (and other items), still smelling of my cedar chest, and found some really adorable gems!

Check 'em out:

My three favorite pairs of shoes.

My first pair of ballet slippers. These are destined for some wall art. 

I might have had a lot of bonnets. They were my game.

Adorable onesies. How did I ever fit in these?

Super Frilly dresses. LOVE!
Winter sweater. I wore this for my first Christmas pictures!

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Hand Crocheted Afghan. Family--anyone know who made this for me?

Check out this vintage awesomeness!

Excellent. Old School diaper pins.

Mind you, this does not include the really old pair of shoes, the diaper cake, my first two Cabbage Patch Kids, my Glow Worm and my set of dolls collected from various trips my parents took--those are already in the room or are currently being washed (I think the dogs found the Cabbage Patch Kids at one point. They were pretty filthy!)

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