Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy! Busy! Busy!

This has been a crazy weekend, full of nursery projects! This is kinda how we all feel right now:

On Saturday, I went down to Gilroy, where Barbara and I worked on several projects:
#1 Footstool Pouf
#2 Flower Pillow
#3 Curtains

On Sunday, my dad and step-mom Janet came over, and we worked on MORE projects:
#1 Clean up the yard (ok, I did none of this. It was all Janet. And it looks AMAZING!)
#2 Install new closet organizers
#3 Install new curtain rod/hang curtains
#4 Hang birdcage light, mirror, and a few pictures
#5 Bring in rocking chair

OK, so you might have guessed I didn't actually DO any of the activities on Sunday. Instead, I worked on the, still unfinished, decorative stitching on the footstool pouf.

Now, on to the pictures!
New closet organizers, courtesy of Dad.

Rocking chair corner. Note: the rocker (refinished by Brian's dad Jeff about 31 years ago), the hanging lamp, the flower pillow and the (unfinished) footstol pouf!

The view when you first walk in the room.

The new placement of my Amelia Earhart embroidery, plus a board to attach, schedules, lists and photos!

Baby crib. You can see the new curtains a little on the left. Also note the dusty pink quilt on the crib. It was Brian's baby blanket (originally dark blue and dark pink.)

Changing table flanked by the new curtains. Ignore the pine-colored rod. That will either be painted white or stained a medium oak.

Last, but not least, we have the new cloche hat I made for Lorelei, that I haven't had time to post yet. Super cute!
And there you have it, all the stuff we got done for the new nursery. Two items not shown: the button letter L that Barbara made and a Noah's Arc needlepoint picture that my grandmother made. It really needs to be reframed!

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