Monday, August 1, 2011

Wave Your Hands In The Air

Quick! Finish that lyric!

Anyway, at the Orth house, we too are waving our hands in the air, like we just don't care, because, apparently, that's what our baby was doing today!

Today was our much anticipated (okay, so I was excited about it!) NT Scan. Basically, I went to the big fancy hospital at Stanford to get a big fancy ultrasound. They were measuring the fluid at the back of the neck, looking for signs of Down's Syndrome and Trisomy 18. FYI: we're looking good. We were like 1 in 100,000 which is the best odds you can get!

Now, for the part I was most excited for: the pictures! Getting the ultrasound was pretty cool because their equipment was so much better. We were able to actually see the face and, at one point, some of the facial features. This child obviously takes after Brian, since he would not cooperate AT ALL! (I say "he" because we don't know the gender yet. It's just easier that way.) He kept curling up and wiggling around, moving his head too high and too low. Just, overall, being uncooperative. Just. Like. Brian. (Kidding babe, love you!)

Look! It has a head and everything! No more amorphous blob!
This shot is a little better. You can see the nose and the lips. It's brain is developing and you can even see his little legs!
This is the super nifty 4-D image, it's looking down on the baby. The blob in the upper left is the head and the long blobs to either side are the arms waving in the air (like he just don't care!) All that stuff beneath and to the left of him is the placenta.

So that was our exciting event for the day. I have another appointment with my OB on Friday, then on Saturday, we have our group midwife appointment (plus potluck and stories from recent mothers!)

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