Sunday, August 21, 2011

16 Weeks!

Well, it's a little late--we're closer to 17 weeks than 16--but heck, I've been BUSY! We're a week away from Mel's wedding, so I've been super busy finishing the children's baskets, picking up my dress from the tailor, looking for hair accessories and yeah, that whole Bachelorette Party weekend thing!

How far along: 16 Weeks
Weight: 160 lbs +/- (at least, that's what it was on Thursday!)
Baby size: 4.6 inches. The Bump says about the size of an avocado. But probably not a Hass Avocado. Them suckers are big!
Sleep: Good. I kept waking up early this weekend, but that is probably more due to the fact that I was sleeping on an air mattress!
Movement: Nothing noticeable yet.
Feeling: Pretty good. Learned an important lesson today: no matter how good I am feeling, I still have to take my vitamins with food or at the end of the day. I took mine this morning with a banana and it was a whole lot of no good.
What I miss: Being able to stand for long periods of time without sitting or having to rest. The hip pain isn't ever present, but it is annoying.
What I am looking forward to: Mel's wedding is next weekend. This week is packed with wedding preparations: Brian's haircut on Tuesday, my manicure on Tuesday, heading to Sacramento on Wednesday night, hair cut and color on Thursday, bridal party pedicures on Thursday, helping with last minute wedding prep on Friday morning, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday evening, wedding on Saturday along with professional hair styling and make up in the afternoon, post wedding get together on Sunday. It's going to be a packed week!
Milestone: Nothing much this week. Tried to see the sex on Thursday, but baby was NOT being cooperative! On the plus side, I can now have some caffeine. I've had a few chai teas. They were AMAZING!
To Do: Still need to do my 2nd trimester blood work. I'm going to try to do that Tuesday morning...
Food Cravings: Fruit. And cheese. Mmmm...cheese.
Bonus: OB appointment report:
Went to see the OB on Thursday about the pain in my hips. Not my sciatic nerve, thankfully. Just general joint pain. Talked to our friend Sandi (fellow bridesmaid and new mom) this weekend and she had the same kind of pain right around this time too, so that makes me feel better.

The bad news: when looking at my placenta, the doctor saw that the placenta was low and a little too close to the cervix for comfort. So close, in fact, that Brian and I have been placed on a nookie ban :-( While the nookie ban is sad, I am more concerned with the placement of the placenta. Odds are, as my tummy grows, the placenta will move as well. However, if the placenta doesn't move, or moves in the wrong direction--over the cervix--not only is home birth out of the question, we will be having a c-section. I was seriously upset and depressed over this for most of Thursday. The first time I've really felt "hormonal." I just wanted to cry. But after talking about it with my cousin Jen (labor and delivery nurse), Stephanie (nurse practitioner in training sister in law) and Brian, I'm feeling a lot better. There are things I can control about this pregnancy and many things I obviously can't. This is definitely one of those "can't control" things.  So I'm going to continue doing my thing and I'll go see the OB again at the end of September. Hopefully, the placenta will have moved, the nookie ban will be lifted and we can proceed with our planned home birth (or at least, vaginal birth).

Picture: TBD. Hey, I've been busy! I'll try to post one soon!

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