Thursday, December 6, 2012

45 Weeks

Favorite activity: 
Pulling herself up, oohing and ahhing at the Christmas decorations
Favorite food: Bananas, scrambled eggs, meatloaf
Favorite spot: anyplace she can pull herself up!
Naughtiest moment: Bopping cousin Logan on the head (he didn't seem the worse for wear!)
Cutest moment: playing with Grandma Lou Lou
Important milestones: Pulling herself up onto the furniture all by herself!
How Mom's Feeling: Good, surprisingly relaxed, considering how busy we've been and that Christmas is closing in on us. Realized this week that I actually have ALL MY CHRISTMAS GIFTS! Or at least they are purchased! I had a moment this week when I realized I didn't have a project! And then started a new one right away!

We had a nice weekend--a visit with family and a trip to the Dickens Fair. On Saturday, we visited BeeBee and Poppy and got to see them, as well as Auntie Mel and Cousin Logan and Great Grandma Lou Lou! Lorelei loved playing with her Great Grandma and her cousin (especially some of his toys!) As a fun bonus, we went to a big party with the babies, and I ran into my middle school math teacher! Crazy!

Lorelei has been working on pulling herself up, and has really seemed to master it this week, much to our delight/dismay! The poor monkey keeps pulling herself up, losing her grip or balance and then falling down again. Normally this is fine, but sometimes she bonks her head or cheek on something. She has new matching bruises on both cheeks!

She also has gotten really good at the cups. She works very hard on stacking them just so. I love watching her play. She takes it SO SERIOUSLY!

Crawling like a pro!
Chatting it up with the cousins.
Cosy with Grandma Lou Lou!

Mister Logie-Bear!

Standing up like it ain't no thing! Of course, a moment later she did a header right into the basket!
Hanging with her aunties at the Dickens Fair!

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