Saturday, December 22, 2012

47 Weeks

Favorite food: Blackberries
Favorite spot: The hallway
Naughtiest moment: Throwing food to the doggies
Cutest moment: "kissing" the baby in the mirror
Important milestones: Nothing really this week
How Mom's Feeling: So that whole "run-down" feeling I had last week? Yeah, it caught up to us this week. Mom, Dad and Baby have all been down with a cold :( Not fun at all. Hoping it'll clear up in time for the holidays.

On the plus side, before we all got sick, Lorelei and I went to the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. We had SO MUCH FUN! Initially, I wasn't sure, since my experience of the CDM, was always with elementary aged children. Well, it turns out that there is a whole Under 4 area upstairs with a special room just for crawlers and wobbly walkers. We got to enjoy storytime, some finger plays and a very special little cubby with walls made of mirrors. It was, for sure, Lorelei's favorite spot! She kept patting and kissing the baby in the mirror--so cute (although it may be where the cold germs came from!)

Lorelei's pretty much been a champ with this cold. Not too fussy, over all, just a little drippy! Now Daddy, on the other hand... :)

Hello, baby!

I love this kid!

What's in here? does this thing work again?

Ninja Baby holding her samurai umbrella
Bundled up to go to the doctor with Mommy

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