Thursday, December 27, 2012

48 Weeks

Favorite food: Turkey and ebelskievers
Favorite spot: Anywhere she is surrounded by toys!
Naughtiest moment: Stealing Logan's toys
Cutest moment: "singing along" at church
Important milestones: Baby's First Christmas!
How Mom's Feeling: Merry Christmas, everyone! Lorelei celebrated her 11 month birthday on Christmas Eve, with all of her aunties around her. We had a very nice Christmas...well except for the fact that Lorelei still had a cold with her nose running like a faucet, and Brian had the flu...But nice anyway! We celebrated Christmas Eve Eve at our house with a big turkey dinner with all the fixings (it came out mighty tasty, if I say so myself!) This is a tradition that started last year (ok, so not really a tradition yet. But I would like to make it one) and we always have a great time, although next time I'd like to have it start earlier, so we might be able to play games after dinner.

On Christmas Eve, we trekked down to Gilroy with Lorelei still in her Christmas jammies for Christmas "morning" at BeeBee and Poppy's. French toast was eaten, apple cider was drunk, many many many gifts were unwrapped. Then we chillaxed, played with new toys, and got ready for church. No lie, it took two people to get Lorelei into her tights! But she looked ridiculously cute in her new Christmas dress hand made by Brian's aunt Susan!

Lorelei loved the church service. She liked the lights and the music and the children's message with Lambert the lamb puppet. You couldn't have asked for a better baby!

After church, we came home and ate a super yummy prime rib dinner (one of my very favorite traditions!)

On Christmas Day, we had a quiet day at home. We stayed in our jammies, ate ebelskievers and opened gifts. Then we watched a lot of movies.

Brian was a super champ through all of this, considering he has been so sick. We've had to cancel a few things this week, but he has been (mostly) in good spirits.

Here are a few pics of our week. Ok, mostly of the holidays!

Hanging with Auntie Toff!
All dressed up for the party!
Stealing Logan's toys!
The Christmas Eve Eve Table
Christmas Eve morning in her special Star Present Jammies
Checking out her stocking
BeeBee always has the best toys!
Cuddling with Mister Logan
Ready for Church!
Mama and Baby all dressed up!
Christmas morning mess!
Sharing with the boys!
She's a reader!
Her new dolly!
Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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