Wednesday, December 12, 2012

46 Weeks

Favorite activity: Smacking her head on stuff (at least, it seems like it!)
Favorite food: Blueberries and raspberries
Favorite spot: Anyplace she can injure herself :(
Naughtiest moment: Drumming on Papa
Cutest moment: getting super excited when the Christmas tree lights turn on
Important milestones: Crawling on all fours (instead of belly crawling)
How Mom's Feeling: OK. A little run down. It seems like I'm being run ragged on the weekends between getting stuff done for the holidays, holiday and birthday parties and just general house maintenance and chores. On the plus side, all Christmas gifts are purchased and in the house (if not wrapped yet!), our Christmas tree is up and our halls have been decked! All that is left to be done is to wrap the presents, come up with appropriately obscure clues, and get ready for our Christmas Eve Eve dinner!

Life with Lorelei is always interesting. She's getting good at pulling herself up...too good! She routinely pulls herself up and smacks her head into something--be it a table, the window frame, or the floor. There's only so much babyproofing  one can do! As it is, we've done the most basic babyproofing: gates to contain her in the living room, gates blocking off the cords and electronics, we've reduced our coffee table to one segment, so she can't knock the entire thing down, outlet covers. So far, we've gotten away with minor bumps and bruises.

Here are some pictures of our week:

Eating dinner with her buddy Grady at Uncle Travis' birthday party

Grady and Daddy = heart breakers!

Logie Bear celebrating his Daddy's birthday

Picking her first Christmas Tree

Enjoying the branches and shiny lights! Note that all the ornaments in her reach are made of felt!

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