Wednesday, November 28, 2012

44 Weeks

Weight: 18.8 pounds
Favorite activity: Chasing the dogs!
Favorite food: mashed potatoes, pasta, pear
Favorite spot: anywhere on the floor
Naughtiest moment: taking a header off the hotel bed!
Cutest moment: getting super excited to see the fish in Julian's aquarium
Important milestones: Ten months this week
How Mom's Feeling: Pretty good, but tired for sure. This weekend marked Lorelei's first Thanksgiving. So we woke up Thanksgiving morning at 5 am, drove all the way down to Ojai for Thanksgiving with my family, hit a hotel, then drove down to Oceanside to visit my mom and Julian, stayed for a few days and left for home at 5 am. Again. Yawn!

Thanksgiving was a blast--Lorelei was SUCH A GOOD TRAVELER! She did not whine, complain or cry one bit during the long drive there or back. It was so much fun visiting with my family, most of whom I hadn't seen in two years, and Brian hadn't seen in 4 years! Lorelei was a big hit, of course. We even got a new stuffed horse and a board book from my cousin Paula and her family. The board book has definitely gotten a lot of play this week!

We had a nice time in Oceanside--very very busy! On Friday, mom and I went to a second hand baby store and stocked up on pants, shirts and dresses for Lorelei. Then we went to the San Diego Zoo on Saturday, and the Botanic Gardens on Sunday. Lorelei loved the goats, bugs and river otters at the zoo. She did NOT like the pandas or the statue of the gorilla! And of course, Lorelei loved the plants the most! That girl loves her some nature! Which is why we went to the Botanic Gardens the next day!

Visiting Super Grandma Ruth for the first time!
Papa cuddles <3

Laughing it up at the Botanic Gardens
L is for Lambs Ear and Lorelei!
Mom and Julian at the Botanic Garden
Petting goats at the zoo!
First taste of ice cream! It was delicious!
Zonked after a long day at the zoo!

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