Tuesday, November 13, 2012

42 Weeks

Weight: 18.6 pounds
Length: 26 1/2 inches
Favorite activity: Exploring, looking out the window
Favorite food: scrambled eggs, pear, noodles
Favorite spot: looking out the window
Naughtiest moment: Banging on the china cabinet
Cutest moment: "waking" daddy up by smacking him on the chin (ok, so I thought it was cute!)
Important milestones: First bruise :(
How Mom's Feeling: Pretty good. It's been a mellow week, all things considered. Lorelei and I went and voted on Tuesday and we visited with friends this weekend. It's been pretty chilly this week, so we've been taking it easy.

This week marked a new, unfortunate milestone. Lorelei's first bruise! She was looking out the window on the bed (holding on to the window ledge) and even with Brian there to catch her if she fell, Lorelei lost her balance and smacked her cheek on the windows sill :( She's got a pretty good bruise there, but doesn't seem to much the worse for wear.

We also were dealing with the whole daylight savings time. It was not kind to us. Lorelei's nap schedules are totally wonky, but we're dealing.

Getting better with the sippy cup

We voted!

Dig the lime!


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