Wednesday, November 21, 2012

43 Weeks

Favorite activity: Exploring, eating!

Favorite food: tofu, sweet potato, scrambled eggs
Favorite spot: playing in the dog dish
Naughtiest moment: Pulling off her pants and diaper and peeing all over her bed. This was on daddy's watch :)
Cutest moment: playing ball with the dogs
Important milestones: Teeth! We have two lower teeth!
How Mom's Feeling: Lorelei was kinda fussy this week. Not terrible, but she wanted to be held a LOT more this week. Of course, now we know why! She got her first two teeth yesterday! I knew she had something going on and then they broke through the gums yesterday! 

I also think Lorelei is spending too much time with the dogs. She thinks she is a dog! She plays in the dog bed, tries to drink out of the dog dish and tries to eat dog food out of their bowl! Silly girl!

In other news, we reorganized the garage. This may not sound that big to some, but it was MAJOR! We got rid of a lot of cardboard boxes, 35 dead computers and an entire extra cabinet leftover from the previous owners that was pointless and falling apart. Oh, and my dad and step-mom brought new cabinets and new, florescent lights for the garage. The result: a well lit, open space! We'll be able to clear out a few things, add a nice little carpet, and use it as a play space for Lorelei, another room for her birthday party, and nice spot for an indoor play date! Woot!

I'm feeling a little trepidatious for this next week. Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to seeing family I haven't seen in two years, plus getting to visit my mom in Oceanside, but it's going to be a LONG drive! We survived the plane flight to Hawaii, but Lorelei was not stuck in a car seat the entire time. Stay tuned to hear how it went...

TRAGEDY! Mommy will not give me the basket of hair bows!

Playing with BeeBee

Playing in the ball pit with Lena at our play date (so getting one of these for Lorelei's Birthday party!)

Just chillaxing at the J with our little buddy LouSeal!

What? I'm bouncing here!

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