Thursday, August 30, 2012

31 Weeks

Favorite activity: Patty Cake. For sure. Start singing it and clapping her hands or your hands and all you get are big grins!
Favorite food: Mango. But this week, she also tried New Orleans style pancakes. Loved them!
Favorite spot: Held by mama. It's been a rough teething week for her!
Naughtiest moment: Waking up 3 times sobbing. Not naughty, per se, but rough on everyone...
Important milestones: Figured out how to stick her finger up her nose...Not sure if that is a good thing or not ;)
How Mom's Feeling: Pretty good. It was a hard week, for sure. She was teething pretty bad this week. We're talking constant fussing, crying, wailing, those painful sharp cries that you know mean it hurts. That was rough. We had one night when she woke three times crying inconsolably and only nursing would put her back to sleep. That was the worst. Other nights she'll let out a sharp cry and go back to sleep. But when her mouth isn't hurting, she is the happiest, brightest girl.

We started playing a new game this week: peek a boo. She just laughs and laughs! 

Brian, Bonnie and I had an amazing time this weekend. Lorelei stayed with BeeBee and Poppy while we went to an awesome Mumford and Sons concert. They had a carnival (with swings from Michael Jackson's Neverland...weird), some delicious food (not the norm at most concerts) and listened to some cool bands (Haim and Grouplove were our favorites--not including Mumford, of course!) Only sad part, I can't do carnival rides anymore. They make me super nauseous!

Mumford and Sons (Gentlemen of the Road tour)

Visiting with Mr. Logan!

My favorite photo outtake!

Hello, puppy!

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